"Ana's gifts as a vocal teacher go far beyond technique -she has been an important mentor. With a mastery of her craft, she has allowed me to explore my own unique instrument and at the same time helped me keep my sometimes overactive inner critic from diminishing the joy of singing. She helps students where they are - and with warm, loving support, helps them find their own source and intention for vocal expression. I am a busy working mom with two older teenagers and have often lamented the lack of time to devote to my craft or to performing. Instead of focusing on this disparity between my reality and my dreams, she has freed me up to develop what I CAN in this moment in life and in doing so, I have taken chances and gone farther with my confidence than I ever have before. Revealing who we are to the world with our voice makes us vulnerable, and I have been able to take more chances because of the perfect mixture of safety and challenge she provides in her studio and in the opportunities she provides to connect with other students who are novices and professional singer/songwriters alike."       

                                                                                                                                                            ~ Marissa Pierce