Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions is a Performance Workshop. My intention is to help the Artist find the core of who they are musically and creatively. I have come to realize that layers have to be peeled before we can get to that core.


Soul Sessions facilitate that journey for the artist.

What I've come to know for sure is this…


Singing “in your head”, seeking validation from others or trying to prove a point by every note you hit, well, it just falls short of true artistic expression. I know for a fact that if it doesn't “feel real” than we haven't hit the core. Becoming a true artist is a journey of self-discovery and courage. Passion, which is “the song from your soul”, is the key to unlocking “your head” and engaging “the soul of the song” or “the soul of your voice”. When you are passionate you are fearless. And being fearless takes courage and many times…a leap of faith in yourself, your voice and your passion. It is only from that place of fearlessness that true art can be made and an “Artist” can be discovered.

Angelique ~
Ana started working with me on artist development about four years ago. Since I had sung so many different styles and had always been directed on what to do musically, I found this to be extremely challenging. For years I tried finding my own sound. I even started writing my own music to see if that would help. I started by writing a song entitled "Sound" which was about finding my own sound. And, even though I was writing about it, I still didn't feel that I would ever find it. I was still trying to prove some kind of point, and that was my problem. There definitely wasn't one defining moment when the light bulb switched on and I had discovered myself as an artist. It was a process. But, I do remember the first song I wrote that felt like I was on the right track. It was called "Possibility". I took a very personal experience and I wrote about it. I remember presenting it to Ana and the rest of the class. It was the first song I'd written on the piano and it felt so different from anything I'd ever done before.

When I performed it I felt as if I could melt into the melody and the emotion of the song. I remember Ana saying "I think we have something here"; And I knew she was right. From then on, I've continued to sing and write from that place, finding songs and writing melodies that fit my voice like a glove on not only a musical level but an emotional one as well. I realize that it's "possible" to be emotional, vulnerable, fearless, and strong all at the same time. Now I'm embracing everything about myself creatively as the artist Angelique. I feel as if I have finally made a connection between who I am as a person and who I am as an artist.

Devon Stone ~

My biggest challenge, as I continue to develop as an artist, are my own ideals – wanting to get everything just right, comparing myself to others and worrying about whether I am good enough. With each experience at the Vocal Center I learn something new and discover new sides of myself as I slowly let go of all the things I think I need to do or become in order to be a great artist and have a great performance.


 I've come to see that an audience cares more about connecting with me on a real emotional level …it’s more about a genuine and vulnerable performance, and less about a character I create, a costume I wear, or a note I hit.Letting go of “being in my head”, forgetting all the doubts, the mistakes, the history, the things I wish I’d done…Trusting exactly what I’m doing and just running with it and just “singing from my soul”… that’s art.


Coming from a place of who I am instead of who I think I should be, or who I’m afraid I’m not…And daring myself to move…that’s self-discovery… that’s courage.It’s the hardest thing, and yet the easiest. It’s a leap that seems scary, yet is peaceful at the same time. Devon Stone is just a facet of that journey – she is a side of me that emerged as I found my most comfortable musical style and connected with the woman in me who is strong, confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Drew Jones ~
I’ve sung many genres and explored different atmospheres of the musical world. And while on this journey of musical exploration, Ana has taught me how to develop and use my voice to create my own sound. Not only by having a strong foundation in vocal technique, but also by focusing on vocal intention and interpretation. She made me realize that when you sing a song you’re also telling a story. You’re telling your story or giving your interpretation of the story, not someone else’s. Finding your story and believing in it creates a real intention behind the lyric. So, believability is the key in having a strong performance. Ana always tells me that I need to put emotion and soul into every performance. Engaging with a lyric or an emotion or even an audience is creating a moment of musical art.

I’ve come to realize that passion is the key that unlocks my artistry. And true passion, from some of us, can take time to find. That’s something I’ve learned while working with Ana. Artist development is a process. Those vital lessons are what have enabled me to grow and develop as an artist. I’m on my way….I can’t wait for what that lies ahead.