Ana G received her training from the legendary vocal coach, Judy Davis, who trained some of the greatest superstars for over 50 years - Prince, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, Steve Perry, and Grace Slick, just to name a few. And because of her extensive training with Judy Davis, Ana G has gone on to teach hundreds of artists how to use their voice the same way the greatest singing legends of our time have done.


Ana G will not only give you a foundation in strong vocal technique, but she will also focus on artist development. Ana will facilitate your journey towards creating your unique artistic vision. She will guide you towards accessing your artistic intuition and offer you a platform to showcase your work.


"Singing is an art form founded on an emotional vocal experience. You will first master a foundation for good vocal technique. Once that is established you will learn to use your voice solely as a platform to express specific emotions as you unfold your unique intention behind every song you sing. That's what makes the difference between a singer and an artist, and only artists become legends."

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~ Ana G
  • Understand how the voice works
  • Learn how to properly warm up
  • Master Air and Muscle Balance
  • Build Vocal Bridges
  • Increase Vocal Range
  • Master pitch accuracy
  • Build Stamina
  • Learn how to get out of your head and ground and connect
  • Learn how to tap into your core and pick the right song
  • Develop as an artist as a whole

1 Hour Sessions - $100

Part Time - Every other week

Full Time - Once a week

Soul Session Workshop - $100

(Soul Session meets once per month)


The Ana G Vocal Center Experience is one that has been both well rounded and mind blowing. Ana G has helped me over come many vocal obstacles through implementing proper breathing, vocal control and proper delivery. Whether in the studio or performing live, she has given me the knowledge and confidence to work through any challenging vocal assignment or vocal moment that I may face. With the combination of personal training and Ana's live showcases, I feel as if I have been given the proper foundation to build upon to achieve success in the music profession. As an instructor, Ana's spirit is that diamond in the ruff, one that holds you and embraces you, but one that is honest and true, holding you to your true potential. I have had so many break through moments as a student at the Ana G Vocal Center that have improved my life both professional and personally. Ana, thank you so much I truly consider you one of my guardian angels.

-Dawud Raamah (aka Mark Jones)

I met Ana G in the spring of 2008. I was at the very beginning of journey of self discovery. I had decided to finally focus my attention on myself and embrace the gift of song that had been given to me. I found the Ana G Vocal Center through an Internet search, but immediately after meeting with Ana G, I knew that our encounter was not by chance or accident. More than a vocal instructor, Ana has become my confidant, advisor, sounding board and friend.


Throughout our time together, Ana has taught me to embrace my gifts and to share them with others. By sharing my gifts, I have been rewarded with self-confidence, passion and belief in myself. Through Ana's support and expertise, she has helped me grow as an individual, as a woman, as a vocalist and as an artist. Each aspect is different and I learn about how, when and why I should incorporate each element into my performances.


As a student, I have learned about vocal technique, vocal anatomy, stage presence, movement, professionalism, intention, accountability, emotion and so much more. Ana G transmits her phenomenal levels of passion and energy into every session and I always feel fulfilled, enriched, empowered and proud to be a part of anything that she puts together. I encourage anyone to contact Ana G to learn more about what you can do.


I studied private voice with Ana for over seven years. And each and every one of my classes with her further prepared me for entering the professional world of musical theater. When I was preparing for an audition for a principle role in Evita, Ana was just as interested in the emotional life of the song as she was in my technical performance. In the end I was cast in the role. I graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts as a musical theater major. A step Ana definitely helped me prepare for vocally, artistically, and even emotionally. While I was a student at the conservatory, teachers often notice the strength of my technique and my ability to act a song. I never had an acting teacher in Sacramento, but I did have Ana, and she taught me that a song is made up of more than simply notes and rhythms.

- Courtney Glass

I discovered the Ana G Vocal Center while searching for a place where I could be myself and be accepted for who I am as an artist. I was a classically trained singer when I arrived and wanted to start learning more about my natural singing voice, having always had a strong love for rock & roll. Ana G became my vocal instructor and since then I have found my voice. I have learned about voice placement and the ability to sing in the way I have always wanted to.


While there are many people who can teach vocal technique, Ana is unique in her ability to teach performance skills in addition to vocal training. She has made me dig deep inside, take a look at the reasons why I perform and shown me how to share that with the rest of the world without being afraid. The weekly performance classes have given me an opportunity to express myself like never before and receive a positive and helpful critique in a comfortable environment.

- Gabrielle Giusti Kennedy

When I found Ana G almost 10 years ago, I knew I had found someone special. I was used to voice teachers focusing on my vocal technique, but I wanted more. Ana has absolutely helped me increase my range and improve the quality of my vocals, but it doesn't stop there. She's helped me become a more confident performer and person. She's guided me to try new things and explore new sides of myself as a performer. Her focus is always on delivering an authentic performance and being clear on who I am in each song that I sing, and I've grown a great deal as a result of her insight. Through the Ana G Vocal Center I've met wonderful people and experienced fun and challenging performing opportunities in almost every genre. As a vocal coach Ana is talented, insightful, compassionate, disciplined, inspirational, and a real pro - I couldn't ask for more.

- Linda Ingoglia

I have been with Ana since 1997. I was five years old. Musically, she has taught me everything I know. She is my mentor, my friend, and part of my family. She is always there for me, giving me the perfect advice. She is also one of the most loving, honest, and caring people I have ever known. Of the many lessons she has taught me, the most significant one is to love yourself and the musical gift with which you have been blessed.


Through the Ana G Vocal Center, I have met some of my best friends and learned a lot about other people, and the way they perceive performing. Working with Ana has opened numerous performance opportunities. I have sung and danced in dozens of her shows; at state and county fairs; on floats during the Sacramento Christmas parade; and even on the radio. After eleven years of lessons, I still learn something new from Ana every time I am with her. She is more than I could ever ask for, and I am truly grateful to know her and to have the opportunity to benefit from her inspiration, and learn from her incredible teaching abilities. THANK YOU ANA!!

- Angelique

I've been a student of Ana's since the spring of 2005. When I first came to Ana I didn't even know if I could carry a tune, but knew how much I loved music. She has taught me so much about what goes into making a song my own. Since that very first day, I have now performed in front of my peers at school, and participated in 5 of Ana's shows, along with multiple open mic's. I never thought I'd have the guts to sing outside of my own shower! Ana is more than just a vocal instructor; she is one person I know I can count on to give me good advice and be honest with me. She makes me feel like I have the potential to reach my hopes and dreams. I am very lucky that my parents support my decision to sing, and that we found Ana to teach me about what it takes to be a performer. I hope that one day I can return the favor with my success.

- Brianna Bouck

I was blessed to have found Ana G when I was 16 years old. I only wish it would have been sooner! From the first moment I walked through her door she has loved and supported me, pushed me and guided me to do things that I never would have thought possible. She has enabled me to be a great performer, not just a confident singer with strong vocal technique, and a stronger and more determined woman. Because of Ana's inspiration, honesty, and support she has aided me in completely transforming as an entertainer.


I remember the very first audition I went to after having worked with Ana for a few months. I had auditioned for this company in the past and this time one of the woman was so shocked at my improvement, she asked during the audition where I studied voice. I proudly announced it was with Ana G. I was the lead in that production and from that show on I knew Ana would always play a pivotal role in my life and my musical career.

- Jacqueline Michelle

As long as I can remember I always wanted to sing. I just had to sing and perform! When I was 7 years old I came to see Ana and I was enrolled in her Singing Workshop for children. I'll always remember that first day. I was so excited to be with her. I just couldn't wait to learn how to sing and perform. Everyday with her was like a new day for me and I always learned something new from her. I've been studying with Ana now for six years. She has taught me to work hard; but to always have fun singing, and be joyful sharing my talent.


I've gained so much self confidence from Ana's coaching. It is easy for me to make friends and also to be a leader in important matters at my school. I have learned how important it is to work hard and always do my best work, which has helped me with my school work. I've made great friends with everyone I perform with, and they are like a second family to me. Ana has always been family to me. I couldn't have asked for a better coach than Ana. I know that one day when I finally become a famous performer, Ana will always be the coach for me. Ana has helped me become the person I am today.

- Mattie Barrios

In the Fall of 2006, I walked into Ana G's studio as a kid with self-doubt, hesitation, and no performance skills whatsoever. She has helped me develop, and has given me a confidence in my voice that I never had; by providing vocal expertise and experience. Everyone in the Vocal Center shares a strong bond and Ana is the backbone of it all. She treats us all with such kindness and cares for each and every one of us. I have always wanted to do something with music for a career. I used to always question my abilities and chances, but working with Ana, I have realized that it isn't so 'far-fetched'. I will never stop pursuing music and trying to improve.


To this day, I have never left a lesson or practice without something that I could work on that would make me better. Since the very first lesson with Ana G, as that kid who couldn't sing without doubting himself, I have been rapidly improving. She has not just helped me improve my vocals, but I have also grown tremendously as an overall performer. I have no doubt that my skill level wouldn't be anywhere close to what it is now without the help of Ana G, and the Ana G Vocal Center helping me every step of the way. I love her and everything she has done for me.

- Triton Taylor

I started going to The Ana G Vocal Center in the summer of 2005. I was this un-confident girl who loved to sing, but had this incredible fear of singing in front of people. From there my confidence has grown to a level where I will welcome any challenge and not give up. Ana G has become my mentor. She has helped me through the good times and bad times as I was finding my own voice and myself. She has taught me that to become a true performer you must have strength, passion and faith in yourself to follow your dreams. At the Ana G Vocal Center I have met so many talented performers, who have inspired me to always become a better performer and person. We have all become like a family here at the Vocal Center, and Ana G will always be an important part of our lives. I want to thank Ana for everything she has done for me, and for all of her students.

- Elizabeth Moore

I've trained with Ana for eight years now. Every time I see her she has never been afraid to be honest and push me to do my ultimate best. She's also taught me the way you connect with an audience, past your vocal and dance technique. While maintaining a professional atmosphere, Ana has always treated me and all of her students like family. Most of all, Ana's taught me never to give up and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!

- Nick Spence