The Video Project

"The Video Project" is a new performance forum offered to the Artists at Ana G Vocal Center. Its purpose is to facilitate growth in the area of performance skill. One thing I always tell the Artist is to “get out of their heads” and stop thinking about the words and notes. They need to create an authentic, emotional, musical experience and be vulnerable to the lyric and musicality of the song. They need to make it their own experience and not be afraid to let the world watch. That takes courage and passion. And you never stop growing and experiencing. Music is just one way of expressing yourself and putting it out there. It's your story. So, "The Video Project" is the journey of creating an authentic performance and having the courage to let the world watch.

“I realize it’s okay to be confident, fearless, and strong. That was a breakthrough for me as an artist. When I finally began singing this song to myself, as if I was letting go of that part of myself that kept me in my head in my performances…well it took on a whole new direction in my delivery.



“I am reaching a place of freedom where I can allow myself to just be who I am, the best that I am at that moment, and that's enough. To be able to let go of all the doubts, the mistakes, the almost-had-its, the if-onlys and just fly with what's happening right now – it’s such an incredible feeling. When I perform with that intention…it feels right and I’m comfortable being in the moment. That’s big for me….and that’s where I’m coming from when I sing this song.”



“I need to put my emotion and soul into every performance. I can’t simply put on a smile and be the girl with the pigtails anymore. Ana helped me recognize that when I sing a song I am also telling a story. A story that feels real and honest to me. I have to be brave enough to just be honest with my feeling in the lyric. That’s what being an artist is all about…being in the moment.”




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